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Police drop Bolton conspiracy charges against UAF leaders

November 12, 2010

From Unite Against Fascism website

The police have dropped all charges against leading UAF members Weyman Bennett and Rhetta Moran arising from the demonstration against the racist English Defence League in March.

Unprecedented charges

Weyman, who is joint national secretary of UAF, and Rhetta, joint secretary of Greater Manchester UAF, were both arrested on the demo and faced potential charges of conspiracy to incite violent disorder ā€“ an offence that could carry a substantial jail term.

Antifascist campaigners argued that this unprecedented use of conspiracy laws was a threat not just to the right to protest against fascism, but could curtail the right to any public protest in a serious blow to civil liberties.

But all charges against the two have now been dropped.

Weyman said:

This is a victory for antifascists and for the right to protest. It is a disgrace that police were prepared to use such charges against antifascists and antiracists. Iā€™m proud to say that the threat of these charges has not deterred any of us from continuing to stand up against the EDL ā€“ racist thugs with fascists in their midst.

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