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Successful joint UAF and NorSCARF day of action in Stoke-on-Trent.

March 7, 2011

Local anti-racist activists were joined by UAF members from outside the city on Sunday 6th March for a joint day of action with NorSCARF. With the weather on their side the entire Tunstall ward was covered, putting thousands of leaflets through doors.

The Nazi BNP used to refer to Stoke-on-Trent as their “dual in the crown” due to the 9 city council seats they held. However, thanks in part to the tireless campaigning of NorSCARF, the BNP’s share of the council was almost halved to 5 in last year’s elections. Now with fresh all out council elections and the Nazi BNP in disarray both locally and nationally, Stokes anti-racists have the best chance in years of having a Nazi-free city council.

Sunday’s day of action was the first of many leafleting sessions  organised jointly by UAF and NorSCARF which will run up to the May 5th all-out council elections. The leaflets reminded people of the British National Party’s  abhorrently racist views, quoting former local BNP leader Alby Walkers comments that the BNP had “Nazi sympathies”.

Keep watching the NorSCARF blog for updates of more upcoming NorSCARF and UAF days of action.

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