BNP wiped out in Stoke-on-Trent

Following yesterday’s elections, the composition of the new
Stoke-on-Trent City Council is:
Labour 34 seats
Independents 7 seats
Conservatives 2 seats
Unaffiliated 1 seat

The BNP (and their fascist friends the EFP) failed to win any seats.

Former BNP councillors standing under other labels (Ellie Walker and Tony Simmonds) also failed
to win.

** The fascists have been completely wiped out of the City Council. **

The full results can be found on the Sentinel website, but in summary, here is how the fascists and former (?) fascists fared. Wards are single member wards unless otherwise stated.

Abbey Hulton & Townsend (2 member ward)
Melanie Baddeley (BNP) 3rd
Ellie Walker (CV) 4th

Baddeley, Milton & Norton (3 member ward)
Michael White (BNP)  9th

Bentilee & Ubberley (2 member ward)
Steve Batkin (BNP) 3rd

Boothen & Oakhill
Stephen Issard (BNP) 5th

Bradeley & Chell Heath
Lynne Pond (EFP) 4th

Broadway & Longton East
Tony Simmonds (Ind) 2nd
Nicholas McVeigh (EFP) 3rd

Dresden & Florence
Spencer Cartlidge (EFP) 4th

Fenton West & Mount Pleasant
Paula Roberts (BNP) 5th

Ford Green & Smallthorne
Andrew Jones (BNP) 4th

Goldenhill & Sandyford
Craig Pond (EFP) 3rd

Great Chell & Packmoor (2 member ward)
David Leese (BNP) 6th

Hanford & Trentham (2 member ward)
Philip Sandland (BNP) 11th

Meir Hay
John Barnett (EFP) 3rd

Meir North
Michael Coleman (BNP) 2nd

Meir South
John Burgess (BNP) 3rd

Sandford Hill
Mark Leat (EFP) 2nd

After their humiliation, BNP leader Michael Coleman said: “We are not going to fall over and die”.

There is no doubt that the fascists will continue organising and campaigning, so it is important that NorSCARF continues its work of exposing the BNP and EFP.

The results in Abbey Hulton & Townsend, Bentilee & Ubberley, Meir North and Sandford Hill remain a cause for concern, and it is essential that we continue campaigning in these communities in


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