England First Party threatens violence

On their website, the England First Party (EFP) are calling for the remnants of the BNP, as well as the NF and the EDL, to “gather together and work together” in order to “disrupt their [Labour] meetings, intimidate their members, egg their councillors, and become much more vocal and militant on the streets.”

As well as threatening Labour, they are also threatening NorSCARF leafleters: “When these soap dodgers come onto our estates with their lies and smears on leaflets paid for by the Labour party, we should take them off them and stuff ’em down the grid, then tell these ar*eh*les to sling their hook before it gets done for them.” (The allegation that NorSCARF leaflets are paid for the Labour Party is, of course, a complete lie.)

Our local fascists are clearly abandoning their sharp suits and clean-cut image and reverting to type: shaven head and jackboots. This surely shows that NorSCARF is still needed, now more than ever.

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