The Mask Slips: Stoke BNP Leader in Online Racist Rant

The British National Party is always working at hiding their Nazi ideology, hiding the racism and eugenics of Hitler under rhetoric about culture, religion and identity.

Stoke-on-Trent BNP leader Michael Coleman has let the mask slip and allowed people to see the true vicious, racist, Nazi ideology that lies at the centre of the BNP’s politics. On his website, in a post named “Are We All Really The Same Under The Skin?”, Coleman offers an interpretation of the causes of the recent London riots that sounds like it could have been taken straight out of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Opening with the bold statement (and almost dictionary definition of racism) “I very much believe that there are profound racial differences between the peoples of the world and that it is these differences that can explain how and why certain races behave, how they achieve things, or don’t achieve things.”

Coleman goes on to explain the cause of the riots, not in terms of inequality, despair or anger, but “the difference in personality, perception and values that exist between the darker races and ourselves… they cant be changed by any of the lame social engineering ‘mind control’ darkie taming programmes that the red Socialists are implementing.” He then goes on to repeatedly use the racist slur darkie several times.

We shouldn’t be too surprised at Coleman’s racism. He was quoted in the Sentinel Newspaper in 2001 saying “I certainly am a racist and I don’t apologise for that.” The comments were his defense at having handed out leaflets outside a school claiming that a “low-intensity race war” was going on.

Coleman also defended Stoke BNP member Steve Batkin after a photo emmerged showing him holding a British flag next to three Nazi friends performing Nazi sieg heil salutes. The Nazism of the BNP even forced their former Stoke BNP leader Alby Walker to leave the party because of their Nazi sympathies and holocaust denial.

This however isn’t a local problem. It is not a case of the Stoke-on-Trent BNP being a “bad bunch of apples”. There is one simple reason that none of these members have been expelled from the BNP for their Nazism. The British National Party is a Nazi Party.

When Nick Griffin was elected the leader of the BNP in 1999 he tried to tone down the racism, eugenics and Hitler worship of the party to try and broaden his appeal. He said we must present them [the electorate] with an image of moderate reasonableness… Of course we must teach the truth to the hardcore. But when it comes to influencing the public, forget about racial differences, genetics, Zionism, historical revisionism and so on.”

It is clear that the BNP is and has always been a Nazi organization. These recent ramblings by Michael Coleman only serve to remind us that the BNP are a real threat. If the BNP does collapse (which seems increasingly more likely), these insidious fascist worms will just spread to another apple. Whether that be the EDL or the English First Party, they will not go away. That’s why it is important to get involved with the anti-fascist movement nationally.

A good place to start is the conference this Saturday organized by Unite Against Fascism and One Society Many Cultures.  There will be speakers from all of the major trade unions along with leading members of UAF. If you want to make the world a better place, and make sure Nazis like Michael Coleman stay on the fringes of society, then come along.


  1. It’s also worth mentioning that, on his website, Coleman is still claiming to be a “BNP councillor”, despite having lost his seat in Meir North in the May elections earlier this year.

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  3. Harry if that’s the case, and I’m reluctant to visit Coleman’s website just so he can boast about the traffic he’s getting, then a letter should be sent, either by NorSCARF or a voter in Stoke-on-Trent, to the Chief Executive of the City Council raising this with him and requesting that a “cease and desist” letter be sent to Coleman giving him a fixed period in which to remove the false claim, failure to do so resulting in a referral to Staffordshire Police for investigation under “personation”, as it is illegal to pose as an elected representative of any sort when you are not such.

  4. Yes, it is definitely the case. Michael Coleman’s web page is headed: “Stoke Patriot; blog of BNP Councillor Michael Coleman”. It was last updated on 12th October, so Coleman doesn’t have the excuse that it’s an old website. Thanks to Tim for the clarification on the legal position. NorSCARF will definitely be following your advice. Coleman cannot be allowed to get away with his lies and deceit.

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