NorSCARF Members Will Stand With Birgmingham Against Fascist EDL

NorSCARF will be mobilizing members and supporters to stand in solidarity with the people of Birmingham against the racists and the fascists of the English Defence League. After the EDL trashed Stoke-on-Trent city centre, attacked local Black and Asian people, we have learnt that the racism of the EDL must be opposed at all times!

Via Unite Against Fascism

Monday 10 October 2011 Birmingham: stop the EDL racist and fascists, Sat 29 October Antifascists in Birmingham are set to demonstrate against the racists and fascists of the English Defence League on Saturday 29 October. The EDL wants to bring its vicious anti-Muslim racist hatred to the multiracial, multicultural city. Antifascist campaigners and local black and Asian youth mobilised repeatedly to emphatically show the EDL they weren’t welcome in Birmingham in 2009.

The picture shows an EDL member giving Hitler’s “sieg heil” salute when the police bussed the fascists and racists out of town in 2009. Last year the EDL again announced it would come to the city, but was forced to cancel its planned racist demo. This year, antifascists are determined that the EDL should be forced back again. Details The anti-EDL demo will meet at 12 noon, outside Waterstones on the High Street, Bull Ring, Birmingham on Saturday 29 October.

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