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Tomorrow’s NorSCARF event

October 29, 2012

Just a quick reminder about the New Geographies of Racism public meeting taking place tomorrow (Tuesday 30th October), 6.15 pm for a prompt 6.30 start (meeting to finish at 8.30 pm).

The venue is the Council Chamber at Stoke Town Hall, Glebe Street, Stoke, ST4 1HH.

The keynote speaker will be Dr Jon Burnett, who wrote the recent Institute of Race Relations report entitled New Geographies of Racism, Stoke‑on‑Trent. Other speakers include: Jude Hawes, the Equalities Teams Manager at Stoke-on-Trent Citizens Advice Bureau and a member of the Challenge North Staffs team, which promotes the reporting of Hate Crime in North Staffordshire; Dr Bill Dixon from Keele University, whose research includes an ESRC-funded study of the perpetrators of racially motivated violence and harassment in North Staffordshire; and Jason Hill, President of North Staffs TUC, who won the Blair Peach Award for his extensive anti-fascist campaigning in Stoke-on-Trent.

Dr Burnett comments: “The attacks which have taken place in Stoke recently provide the clearest evidence of how moves to accommodate the message of the Far Right in mainstream politics have impacted at a local level. The BNP may have lost all their council seats in 2011, but the conditions for ongoing racial violence remain. Stoke is not an isolate but exemplifies a national trend. We need to take heed and act now on racial violence. For as the recession begins to impact, things will only get worse.”

Our public meeting is intended to highlight these issues, and bring them to the attention of the local authority and the wider public. We shall be demanding that the powers-that-be take serious action to address these issues, including the re-establishment of an Equalities Council for North Staffordshire.

This meeting is open to all, so please invite your friends and colleagues.

Download a copy of the report.

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