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African Social Health Agency Christmas appeal

November 1, 2012

This year, we are once again supporting the Christmas appeal of ASHA (African Social Health Agency).

“Would I have left my country if I didn’t have to? I had a home, a job, a LIFE”.

These are the words of a man who fled Congo over six years ago, and who is still waiting for the outcome of his application for asylum.  He is not allowed to work, and has no accommodation or means of support, nor can he return to his own country.  Many asylum seekers face a similar situation.

Every Christmas there will be at least 250 families locally for whom a good parcel will offer some respite from managing on a budget – a budget which is less than the minimum amount the government says a person in the UK needs to live on.

The most wanted items are: tea, coffee, sugar, pasta, rice, tinned fish, tinned vegetables, baked beans, condensed milk, biscuits, baby milk, nappies, toilet rolls, sanitary towels, soap, soap powder, and some treats like chocolates.  ASHA can also find a home for baby clothes and children’s toys in good condition.

Please contribute as many of the above items as you can.  More details can be found in the leafet ASHA 2012 Food Collection.

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