The Midlands is sick of far-right protests – the EDL and others should get out and stay out

The following post is from an article in the Birmingham Post which can be found here

A memo to far right organisations hell-bent on spreading disharmony on our streets: your out-dated, knuckle-dragging, divisive policies are not wanted, not needed and not supported.

The vast majority will not be seduced by your scare-mongering, will not be manipulated by the bile spewed out.

Our region is a glorious melting point of cultures, and we’re proud of it.

Yet that is a message lost on organisations hell-bent on breaking the bonds that have made Birmingham and the Black Country great.

The region is bracing itself for three more demos, rallies that we, as taxpayers, will pay to police.

And, make no mistake, the price will be high.

The English Defence League and the United Patriots groups will both stage demos in Walsall.

The EDL News website also reveals organisers of last weekend’s washout protest plan a return to Dudley in September.

They evidently have not learnt or listened.

Last Saturday’s demo, organised by a little-known group calling itself All Football Firms/Fans March Against Islamisation, attracted only a fraction of the promised 3,000 supporters.

That proved the propaganda is wearing thin even among the deluded followers of those parties who prey on prejudice and paranoia.

These groups have a democratic right to spout their archaic views on the streets.

We have a democratic right not to listen.

And, thankfully, that’s a right practiced by the vast majority.

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