Campaign launched to support refugees in North Staffordshire

At a packed meeting of NorSCARF (the North Staffordshire Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) on Monday evening, 21 September 2015, it was agreed to launch a campaign of solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees. Representatives of several local agencies that support asylum seekers were present at the meeting, where it was decided to develop a series of public activities to help raise public awareness of the plight of refugees, and counter the myths and misconceptions around asylum seekers that are expressed by politicians and the media.

There are already several hundred asylum seekers in North Staffordshire, and more are expected soon from Syria. Several NorSCARF members have offered spare rooms in their houses to asylum seekers who are in particular need.

Members were particularly concerned about the plight of the desperate people in Calais forced to travel thousands of miles across land and sea to escape war-torn countries, poverty and oppression. NorSCARF is helping to collect clothing and other items for a convoy organised by two of its members, which will be taking aid from North Staffordshire to Calais on October 17th.

Dr Simon Martin Halstead, secretary of NorSCARF, said: ‘All people of good will have to act as one to bring relief to those fellow human beings who are most in need. As shown by the aid to Lidice in the past, The Potteries has a proud humanitarian tradition to uphold’.

For more information, contact NorSCARF on

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