Stoke Central by-election

Following the resignation of sitting MP Tristram Hunt, there will be a by-election for the new Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central.

Racist UKIP have set their sights on taking the seat and appear set to throw considerable weight behind the campaign. It’s being reported that they are due to announce that party leader Paul Nuttall will be their candidate. Click here for reasons to oppose Paul Nuttall and UKIP. 

We have to do all we can to prevent a UKIPs anti-immigrant message winning out.

What you can do

Use your vote to keep UKIP out

If you live in Stoke-on-Trent Central the most important thing you can do is use your vote against UKIP.

In order to do so, you must be registered to vote and If you are not you can do so by following the link below:

(please make sure you do so soon to ensure you beat the cut-off date)

Encourage others to vote

If you have family, friends or colleagues living in Stoke-Central please make sure they are registered to vote and encourage them to use their vote against UKIP

Join us on one of our anti UKIP campaign days

NorSCARF, in conjunction with Hope not Hate has organised our first day of action on Saturday 21st January at 11pm. As the candidates are yet to be announced and voter registration is still open, for this weekend, we have decided to focus our efforts on voter registration targeting one of the wards with the lowest percentage of residents registered to vote.

We will be split into two teams, one to knock on doors and encourage voter registration and one to deliver this leaflet door to door.

If you can help either on Saturday or one of our future sessions, please contact us for details via or via the website here

Use social media

Please use social media for the following:

-share the link and encourage residents of Stoke Central to vote

-share information on anti UKIP leafleting sessions such as the one this weekend.

-share articles and information exposing the true face of UKIP

Please do what you can to STOP UKIP IN STOKE

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