Fascist BNP rear their ugly head in Stoke

We at NorSCARF thought our days countering the Nazi British National Party (BNP) in Stoke were long gone following our successful campaigning which led to their demise locally.

At their height the BNP had nine councillors on the city council and described Stoke as their “jewel in the crown” but persistent campaigning against their fascist ideology by NorSCARF, with help from amongst others Unite Against Fascism, led to them losing their final five seats in the 2011 elections. See more here.

The demise was compounded the following year when local leader Micheal Coleman was found guilty of racially aggravated alarm, harassment and distress for posts made on his personal website.

The defeat of BNP leader Nick Griffin in the 2014 European Parliament elections led to the almost complete collapse of the party. Griffin was kicked out, and their presence in Stoke completely vanished.

For the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election they have shipped in racist David Furness as their candidate. Fascist Furness, who is from London, is the BNP national press office and stood last year as their candidate to be the London Mayor.

The racism and islamophobia of Furness and current BNP leader Adam Walker is clear for all to see. To launch their  current campaign  Walker posted, alongside praise for fascist parties around Europe, this on their website – “Thanks to the BNP, Mass Immigration is now being recognised by the people for what it is; an orchestrated policy of national destruction by stealth, a genocidal attack on all white people both in the nations of Europe and across the globe, and a facilitator for mass murder, terror and rape.”

As part of Furness’ London mayoral campaign he stated  “I’ve been asked about ‘Islamophobia’ and explained that a ‘phobia’ is an irrational fear. Rational people are genuinely fearful of the hostility, violence and intolerance of Islamic extremists who have no intention of integrating, and are hell-bent on destroying our British way of life.”

We’ve shown it before and we’ll show it again – The fascist BNP are not welcome in Stoke.



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  1. Best Wishes to you anti-fascists in combatting the BNP and all fascists – there’s one or two in UKIP as well I’d say. Fascists never really disappear until the conditions that they try to grow from; poverty, disillusionment and so on disappear. So, we have to be always vigilant as you are doing. Again Best Wishes and Good Luck in your struggle against fascism.

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