No to the (D)FLA

NorsCARF members made their way to Manchester on Saturday 19th May and again on Saturday 2nd June to oppose the FLA and the DFLA who claim to be against all extremism but have had far right speakers and been promoted by far right organisations and activists in recent months. They openly promote Islamophobic events. Stephen Christopher Yaxley (better known as ex. EDL leader Tommy Robinson) has attended DFLA demonstrations and was recently given a platform to voice his racist and often Islamophobic views. On Saturday 19th May the number of FLA demonstrators was not above 100 whilst antiracists accounted for approximately 350 counter demonstrators. The FLA were static whilst SUTR, UAF, NorsCARF and many local activists marched along a designated route, waving banners with a clear message NO TO RACISM, NO TO ISLAMOPHOBIA and NO TO THE (D)FLA. On Saturday 2nd June (probably fuelled by the recent arrest of Tommy Robinson) numbers were considerably more for the DFLA, approximately 1,500 to 400 antiracist activists. However, the message was clear and repeated regularly by the various Trade Union speakers,  Labour MPs, SUTR organisers and other ‘invited’ antiracist speakers. NO PASARAN. Against a backdrop of far right growing ambitions the message from both events is that we must ORGANISE and remain steadfast in our belief that we are right. It is crucial that we mobilise and counter the growing threat of this racist movement. The DFLA will be demonstrating in London Saturday 9th June to protest the incarceration of Stephen Yaxley (who is fast becoming their ‘political martyr’) Watch this space!

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