Join us for mass leafleting sessions!


On 27th and 28th April NorSCARF supporters will be heading out for a weekend of campaigning in Stoke-on-Trent.

We will be distributing leaflets which encourage people not to vote for city council candidates who are members of far right parties or have been members of far right parties in the past. This includes the BNP, UKIP, and For Britain.

These two days of campaigning will be a crucial opportunity for us to reach out to hundreds, even thousands of local Stoke people. That’s why we need as many volunteers as possible to come out and help us get the message across!

We will be meeting at 11am on both days at a well known location with ample parking and directly off a bus route. We will meet as a group and will carry out our activities in groups. We will have a short briefing about what needs to be done, and there will be a phone number to contact if anyone needs any help.

Exact location details will be announced closer to the date, though if you’d like more information, feel free to contact us

Join us for a busy weekend to help make sure Stoke-on-Trent rejects racist councillors and everything that they stand for!

For more info about candidates, see this post

campaign weekend yellow

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