Far right LOSE in Stoke elections! Thanks to all NorSCARF supporters who joined the campaign!

On 2nd May people of Stoke-on-Trent went to the ballot box to cast their vote for the city council elections. Despite around eight candidates standing from far right parties or with far right sympathies, just one councillor was elected!

UKIP even brought their big purple bus to Bentilee during rush hour on election day, but only managed to rally about 20 supporters. Most of these were the occupants of the bus itself, who hung around for a few handshakes and a quick photo, and were gone again within half an hour.

The full list of losers is as follows;


– David Pegg came last out of five candidates in Meir North
– Lian Brennan came third out of four candidates in Little Chell & Stanfield, with 12% of the vote
– Gary Fedtschyschak came fourth out of eight candidates in Bentilee & Ubberley, with 14% of the vote

For Britain Movement

– Alex Wright came last out of three candidates in Sandford Hill
– Lee Martin came sixth out of eight candidates in Bentilee & Ubberley, with 9% of the vote
– Former councillor Richard Broughan came a miserable last place out of eight candidates in Abbey Hulton & Townsend


– Ex-UKIP councillor, Mick Bell, who was standing as a ‘City Independent’ candidate, came second out of five candidates in Fenton West & Mount Pleasant, with 28% of the vote, compared to the winning candidate’s 43%

The only successful candidate was ex-BNP ‘City Independent’ Melanie Baddeley

These results clearly show that NorSCARF’s local campaigning efforts have paid off, as the far right continues to dwindle as a presence within Stoke’s local authority. In Stafford Borough too, where UKIP stood twelve candidates, all failed to gain a seat on the council! To everyone that helped with our campaign, we say THANK YOU!

The local results have also been broadly reflected in the national results, which show UKIP has had a net LOSS of 36 seats across the country! Click on Stoke and Stafford to see a detailed breakdown of results.

During May NorSCARF will be continuing to campaign against far right candidates standing in the European Parliament elections. Also in May, our monthly meeting will feature Dominic Meir as guest speaker, on the theme of ‘Social media and far right radicalisation’. Contact us to find out details about May’s activities.


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