Ask your councillor to act! NO NAZI MAYOR FOR STOKE!

On 30th July we wrote to the leader of Stoke-on-Trent City Council (Abi Brown) and the current Lord Mayor (Jackie Barnes) to let them know about our petition against ex-BNP member – Melanie Baddeley – becoming Lord Mayor for Stoke in 2020/21.

Our petition has attracted an amazing 22,000-plus signatures in the few weeks it’s been live! This is an outstanding response and shows how strongly people feel about former members of far right extremist groups occupying high office within the council. You can see the petition and the many comments left by signatories here.

Our letter to the council reiterates the widely felt concern that people feel about having an ex-BNP Lord Mayor, and asks councillors to come around to the idea that it is wholly inappropriate for Baddeley to hold this position.

Given that the leader of the council and the current Lord Mayor are now aware of our petition, we’re urging everyone who supports it to contact their local councillor and to ask them to act! We want local councillors to think carefully about what message it sends out to have an ex-BNP Lord Mayor. If they read our letter and look at our petition, they might support our campaign and support the call for Baddeley to withdraw.

Please contact your local councillor! Send them a link to this web page, ask them to comment on this campaign and ask them what they intend to do to support it. Any councillor who ignores our petition is complicit in giving the far right a free pass into positions of high office! This is not acceptable!

Tell your councillor – ‘NO NAZI MAYOR FOR STOKE!’

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  1. She has never said she was truly sorry for her behaviour as a BNP cllr, and as for saying she didn’t understand what they stood for is utter bull.

    You need to stop this now, Candi Chetwynd is a better replacement

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