Local Black Lives Matter protests continue!

Protestors in rain at Kings Hall

Black Lives Matter protests in Stoke and nearby have continued through Summer.

On 18th July protesters gathered outside the Kings Hall in Stoke to protest about the lack of action being taken after the Lord Mayor – Jackie Barnes – was revealed to have shared numerous racist and divisive Facebook posts. The organisers, BLM for Stoke, have rightly argued that Barnes should resign immediately, rather than try her luck at being pardoned by the council’s Standards Committee. Photographs of the protest can be found on the Damon’s Photography Facebook page.


On Saturday 8th August, BLM for Stoke again called people out, this time for a ‘UK BLM Unites’ event, where the crowd heard from various groups including CLOCK, United We Stand, and BLM activists from Chester and Sandbach. After brilliant speeches, the floor was then opened up for questions which brought in important themes such as how to tackle far right backlash, how to continue organising, and intersectionality, particularly in relation to LGBTQ+ solidarity. The next event being organised by BLM for Stoke is ONE LOVE UK, a visual protest and celebration of Black culture and artistry, held at NORSACA on 22nd August. Please go along if you’re free.


Following the huge protest in Stafford in June, Black Lives Matter Stafford have called a Peaceful March on Saturday 15th August. NorSCARF will be there in support and encourage all local anti-racists to join us in heading down to the town.


BLM activists in Sandbach have also called a demonstration at the Cobbles on Saturday 29th August. Again, NorSCARF supporters and people from North Staffs are encouraged to attend to show solidarity and help make it a well attended and vibrant protest. Join the Black Lives Matter Support Sandbach group to keep up to date, or email norscarf@yahoo.co.uk if you want updates via our mailing list.

The continuing momentum of the Black Lives Matter protests in the local area is an encouraging sign that local people are determined to fight back against the systemic racism that prevails in our society. As ever, NorSCARF supports these local groups and stands in solidarity with their campaigns and causes. It is extremely positive to see these groups linking with each other and to see new waves of activists standing up for what is right. NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!

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