Sandbach BLM protesters defy local racists!

Protestors in Sandbach

On Saturday 29th August the Black Lives Matter Supporters Sandbach group put on a ‘Sandbach Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest’ in the town centre. After previous protests had been met by a racist backlash, including from local councillor David Jack, the group put out a call for support and it was met by around 250 people and various groups!

The event was packed with fantastic performances as well as speeches addressing topics such as unconscious bias, police racism, and the refusal by bus workers in the USA to transport arrested BLM protesters. The event was attended by groups from both inside and outside of the area, including Crewe and District Trade Union Council, Crewe RMT branch, Merseyside BLM Alliance, and BLM for Stoke, which has recently become a non-profit unincorporated association under the name of Staffordshire Association for Black Lives Equality (SABLE).

The protest went off peacefully and smoothly, though a ‘White Lives Matter’ numpty was confronted and shouted down with ‘Black Lives Matter’ chants at one point. There was also a small group of hunting jacket wearing men who’d covered the area in ‘Sandbach Is Already Awesome’ placards and banners, as well as a ‘stall’. Upon enquiring it appeared clear they were most likely cronies of racist councillor David Jack, and NorSCARF members swiftly blocked them from view with our own banner!

The fantastic outcome of the protest was testament to the hard work that the local organisers had done in the face of hostility and abuse. This was why it was so important for the whole community to come out as well as anti-racists from nearby areas. The organisers’ placards held the slogan of #EndRuralRacism. We hope that everyone in Sandbach is now feeling well on their way to achieving this goal!


To see a fantastic selection of photos from throughout the day, have a look at Damon’s Photography on Facebook

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