Care4Calais do talk for NorSCARF – listen here!

Coastal wall with 'refugees welcome' written on it

At NorSCARF’s September meeting we were fortunate to have a speaker from the Care4Calais charity who talked to us about the topic of ‘REFUGEES WELCOME: No one is illegal! This was an important issue to discuss given the recent backlash in the media, from politicians, and from fascist groups such as Britain First, which are all stirring up hatred towards migrants and refugees.

Tia, who is a volunteer for Care4Calais and spoke to us from Calais itself, talked about how COVID-19 has affected work being done to support refugees, and addressed some of the wider narratives which prevail over the refugee crisis. Following Tia’s main introduction, we also heard from Godfroid who works at North Staffs refugee charity, Asha.

If you’d like to listen back to Tia’s talk, follow this link

If you would like to support either charity with either cash donations or useful items, please have a look at the donation pages for both Care4Calais and Asha. And from a campaigning point of view, Stand Up To Racism have called a #RefugeeLivesMatter – Solidarity Day of Action on September 19th. Please support this if you can.


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