BLM and allies demand – RACISTS OUT!

Protestors at Stoke Civic Centre

On Saturday 19th September a demonstration was organised by BLM for Stoke to demand that racists and their sympathisers amongst local councillors remove themselves from their positions.

Around 50 people gathered at Stoke Civic Centre to hear speeches and performances, with BLM groups from areas including Merseyside, Derby, Stafford, Shrewsbury and Sandbach all in attendance to show their support. Other other local groups also came out in solidarity, including DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) and LGBT+ groups such as SPEAK – Outside The Lines. There was a clear sense of building a united movement against racism and oppression and a continued call for people not to accept the racism endemic amongst our so called representatives.

NorSCARF echoes the speakers’ calls for momentum not to wane during the winter, for people to continue calling out racism wherever they see it and building campaigns against it. One way to do this is to join the upcoming Stand Up To Racism Midlands Summit which NorSCARF has helped to co-organise. This is an online event on Saturday 3rd October with a range of workshops and speakers. All NorSCARF supporters should consider attending, especially as we are skipping our usual monthly meeting to make way for this important event.


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