Public Meeting – “The New Geographies of Racism: Stoke-on-Trent”

On Tuesday 30th October NorSCARF will be holding a public meeting titled – “The New Geographies of Racism: Stoke-on-Trent”. The meeting will be based around the Institute of Race Relations report of the same name.

The report, which can be downloaded here, highlights:

  • A vicious pattern of attacks which has seen asylum seekers forced from their schools, mosques defaced, Muslims seriously assaulted, workers in cab firms and takeaways attacked and city residents harassed and abused;
  • Some victims of racial violence have been so let down by the criminal justice system that they have been forced to turn to self-defence so as to protect themselves and their families;
  • The ways in which mainstream politics has shifted to accommodate the messages of extremists and created conditions in which both far-right movements and racial violence could thrive.

The keynote speaker at the event will be the author of the report Jon Burnett

Other confirmed speakers are:

Bill Dixon (School of Sociology and Criminology, Keele University)

Jude Hawes (Challenge North Staffs)

Jason Hill (President of the North Staffs Trade Council)

The meeting, which is scheduled to commence at 6.30pm, will be held in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Kingsway, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 IHH.

The meeting is open to all and we encourage everyone to come along!

A copy of our flyer for the event can be downloaded here –Flyer

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