NorSCARF: October 2013


BNP to stand in Stoke-on-Trent by-election

On November 14th, a by-election will take place in the Baddeley, Milton & Norton ward of Stoke-on-Trent, following the resignation of one of the ward’s sitting councillors.  Although nominations have not yet closed, we already know that the BNP are standing.  Parts of this ward have previously been represented by BNP councillors, and the local BNP, believing they have a good chance of winning, have already been out leafleting.  NorSCARF will be campaigning against the BNP, and other far right parties (including UKIP) that may be standing.  Our next meeting (contact us for details) will be planning the campaign: please do your best to come along.

Anti-fascist campaign re-launched at Keele University

Keele Against Racism & Fascism (KARAF), our sister organisation at Keele University, has been re-launched this term.  At a  successful stall at the Freshers’ Fair earlier this week, over 60 students signed up to the campaign.  We shall be doing what we can to support and assist KARAF.

Diary dates

Saturday 12th October       We are Bradford – Unite Against EDL

The English Defence League (EDL) has called a demonstration in Bradford. Bradford has one of the largest concentration of Muslim communities in the country and was the scene of riots in 2001, after a growth in fascist activity in the area.In 2010 the last time the EDL targeted Bradford, we showed that it is possible to voice opposition to the EDL in a peaceful and dignified fashion. UAF and We Are Bradford have called a peaceful celebration of multiculturalism on Saturday 12 October.

We are Bradford : Unite Against the EDL
Assemble 11am
Urban Gardens, Bradford

Saturday 12th October        March Against Fascism in Liverpool

Unite the Union, alongside other trade unions and anti fascist campaign groups, will be marching in Liverpool city centre in a mass celebration of multicultural Britain. Our message is clear: ‘Those that peddle hate are not welcome here – Nick Griffin must go!’

The march sets off from William Brown Street, Liverpool 3 at 13:00 and will end with a rally at the Pier Head, Liverpool 3.

Speakers at the rally include – Salma Yaqoob, Colette Williams (BARAC/Chair of Unite Community), Len
McCluskey (Unite), Billy Hayes (CWU), Bob Crow (RMT), Paul Nowak (TUC), Christine Blower (NUT), Dave Prentis (Unison) and Weyman Bennett (UAF) and Joe Anderson (Mayor of Liverpool). Music by Kof and Banner Theatre.

Please get in touch for transport details to both of the above events

Wednesday 16th October      Lidice – A Light Across the Sea: Film Screening

6.30 pm, Westminster Theatre, Chancellor’s Building, Keele University.  Admission free, but please book in advance if possible by contacting the Box Office on 01782 734240, or book online:

In 1942 the Nazis destroyed Lidice in the Czech Republic.  All 173 men in the village were executed and the women and children sent off to concentration camps.  The village was burned to the ground.  The people of Lidice had done nothing to deserve this terrible fate.  In Stoke-on-Trent local councillor Barnett Stross vowed to rebuild Lidice and on the 6th September 1942, at a packed Victoria Hall in Hanley, the Lidice Shall Live movement was born.  The name of the movement was a direct response to Hitler’s proclamation that ‘Lidice Shall Die’.  Stross called on local miners to donate a day’s salary to the campaign to re-build Lidice and £37,000 was raised, an incredible amount when you consider that Britain was at war and rationing in place across the country.  He said: “The miner’s lamp dispels the shadows on the coalface.  It can also send a ray of light across the sea to those who struggle in darkness”.  Lidice – A Light Across The Sea is a documentary film project produced by Inspired Film and Video and the Stoke City Community Trust. 

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